MetaLAN™ Systems Management

  • Real-time
  • Agent-less
  • Lightweight
  • Up and running in 5 minutes
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What is MetaLAN ?

MetaLAN is a systems management, remote computing, software audit / software license tracking and hardware inventory tool.

MetaLAN can dramatically increase the productivity of the Network Admin and Helpdesk staff. Remote control, monitor, plan hardware and software upgrades using the included reports and health monitoring. Know what software is installed on the network. Get to the bottom of technical issues faster than ever. Save time and get more done in the time you have.

All this, without needing to visit or install anything on the client computers!


MetaLAN is a different take on Systems Management. Most systems management solutions are complex to install and maintain, with a myriad of dependencies and prerequisites. With MetaLAN you can be up and running in minutes. MetaLAN is fast and lightweight, delivering near real-time information on the computers and users on your network. Our software architecture uses only ubiquitous, inbuilt operating system technologies.  MetaLAN releases managers and technical staff to cater to their customers instead of managing the systems management solution itself.

Easy Setup

  • Simple fast wizard setup.
  • Up and running in 5 minutes.

Intuitive Interface

  • Browse the comprehensive inventory of Windows Servers and Endpoints.
  • Access all remote tools from one main window.
  • Sort filter and export.


  • Configurable summary pane for an overview of system, network and endpoint status.

Storage Monitor

  • Check the status of all storage in one easy view.


  • Run reports on anything from installed software to network latency.

Health Monitor

  • Monitor the health of groups of servers and desktops.
  • Find performance issues fast.

Remote Control

  • Remote control computers without ever needing to visit them.

License Management

  • Track software license usage.
  • Store important documents.

Wake & Shutdown

  • Wake On LAN.
  • Shutdown and reboot.

Real-time Scan

  • Scan your network in real-time.

Remote WMI

  • Run WMI queries on remote target computers.


  • Push software to groups of computers.

Comprehensive Logging

  • Find issues fast.

MetaLAN Administrator


MetaLAN Administrator is the primary application in the MetaLAN suite. This application alone provides: network scanning, basic software inventory, hardware inventory, reporting, remote control, performance monitoring, remote software installation, remote WMI queries and many other features.


  • Agentless operation is at the centre of the MetaLAN design. Clients will fully integrate with MetaLAN without the need to visit or install an agent.
  • Remote control. For remote support of computers and servers.
  • Monitor health. Quickly check performance and ascertain if there is a problem with a computer or server.
  • Monitor processes. View processes on remote computers. Monitor CPU/Memory/IO/Owner of individual processes and allow processes to be started and killed.
  • Shutdown or Reboot groups of computers.
  • Scan network segments for devices that use the SNMP protocol.
  • Wake On LAN (WOL). Wake groups of computers.
  • Deploy MSI and EXE setups to groups of computers using the Remote Software Deployment Tool.
  • WMI query from a computers WMI database. Get information not available anywhere else like RAM slot usage and much more.
  • Reporting for global OS, hardware and software installations and configurations.
  • Easy export of data to multiple formats including, HTML, XML,  text and CSV.
  • Save reports to HTML for portability and easy presentation.
  • Software License Manager for tracking installation counts by install, machine or user.
  • Run as a standalone application or use MetaLAN Server (Free) for consolidated data collection and storage.

MetaLAN Administrator is all that is required for standalone operation

MetaLAN Server


MetaLAN Server is part or the MetaLAN Systems Management Suite of software. MetaLAN Server periodically scans the network and stores the collected information in a database for retrieval. The information can be displayed, searched and reported on using MetaLAN Administrator and License Manager. Installing MetaLAN Server greatly enhances the availability of network data and provides accurate statistics over time. MetaLAN Server does not require an additional license and is very easy to install.


  • Hardware InventoryManufacturer, model, serial number, CPU, memory, MAC address, hard disk information is collected.
  • Software InventoryInformation about software installed on scanned nodes. Discovery date, software title, operating system and service pack information.
  • Node StatusLast user, online status, logged on status, last contact time, IP Address, hard disk usage.
  • Statistics over timeStatistics are collected over time enabling you to easily see how the network is changing over time. For instance a graph can be generated showing the growth of nodes running on virtual infrastructure(e.g: VMWare or Microsoft Virtual Server). Graph reporting is available for Scan Time, Total Node Count, Server Count, Virtual Nodes Count, Online Nodes, Online Servers, Nodes Logged On, Servers Logged On, Os Type Counts and more.
  • Comprehensive LoggingAll scanning events can be logged down to the debug level if required.

MetaLAN Server enables server mode operation


MetaLAN can run in two modes, stand-alone or server. Stand-alone only requires MetaLAN Administrator to be installed.

Standalone Mode

Stand-alone mode only requires MetaLAN Administrator to be installed. Stand-alone mode is great for networks with only a few Administrators or temporary installations. In Stand-Alone Mode each database is local to the computer MetaLAN Administrator is running on. In most cases you can expect to be up and running in 5 miniutes!

 Download MetaLAN Administrator All that is required for standalone operation

Server Mode

With larger networks or several administrators using MetaLAN, Server Mode is recommended. MetaLAN Server periodically scans the network and stores the collected information in a database for quick retrieval. Installing MetaLAN Server is easy, download it and install it on a server computer.

 Download MetaLAN Server Enables server mode operation

Licensing and Activation

Use of MetaLAN Administrator and Server is included with the standard MetaLAN license. A 30 day trial license is included with the installation package.

MetaLAN is licensed per managed node.  Use of all components (Administrator and Server) is included in the license. There is no limit on the number of computers the software can be installed on or the number of users that can install it as long as the managed nodes (servers and endpoints) are licensed.


The MetaLAN is licensed for the number of computers (nodes) on your network, similar to a client access license (CAL). For example, if you have a domain of 1000 computers including servers you would need to purchase 1000 node licenses.

If MetaLAN is used to scan and/or manage a computer a node license must be purchased for it. If MetaLAN is used to manage a subset of the the organisation, network or domain (an OU for instance) licenses are only required for the subset.  Please contact sales to ask any questions you might have regarding licensing.

Licenses come in packs of 50 with discounts for volume sales. Purchase includes 12 months software maintenance, upgrades and email support. Annual maintenance may be extended at any time.

Download Links

Click the following links to download the latest versions of MetaLAN Administrator and MetaLAN Server.

 Download MetaLAN Administrator All that is required for standalone operation

 Download MetaLAN Server Enables server mode operation


Download a fully functional 30 day free trial of MetaLAN.